The Best Nonstick Pan

Back in the days when non-stick pans coated in Teflon were in vogue, one could without much of a stretch set up some “sticky-inclined” indulgences like crepes, omelet and numerous greasy nourishments. Following the ongoing disclosure of Teflon as a cancer-causing material, most families and cooks, in wellbeing stresses, are moving to different other options. Be that as it may, some yummy delights can’t be maintained a strategic distance from. 

Therefore, more up to date kitchen cookware is flooding the market without the dubious Teflon covering yet holding the non-stick property. Up until this point, responses and surveys of these items have been sure. On the off chance that you’ve not considered or will think about these items, at that point this article is for you. To spare you from betting and soothe you of the worry in basic leadership, we have incorporated into this article, a rundown of the top 5 best non-stick pans without Teflon. Our survey of every item is additionally included. 

Before moving to these items and their surveys, a bit of comprehension of what Teflon is, will be a decent method to begin.

What is Teflon?

A great many people know about “Teflon” with a few old gen cookware set conveying the word on their bundle. Be that as it may, Teflon is only a typical name of the substance, polyfluoro tetramethylene (likewise called PFTE). Including, essentially, of fluorine and carbon, it is mostly less receptive because of the solid bonds between the two components. 

Teflon wound up mainstream during the 1930s and was hence received by a few cookware makers. It picked up such a great amount of acclaim due it’s non-stick property and as a latent material. It has a high softening purpose of about 330°C and doesn’t dissolve when cooking, regardless of whether it does, it acts like a gel and its more subtle. 

With a Teflon-coated pan, one can plan greasy plans and those that require low oil easily. Teflon has discovered different uses in textures, wires, and other material, giving them waterproof property. It is additionally utilized as ointments in numerous kinds of hardware. There is some advantage related to the utilization of Teflon just as hindrances.


  • Cookware coated with Teflon as often scratch-resistant.
  • Teflon is a highly non-polar material. Therefore, when layered in pans, the pans earn the desirable non-stick property.
  • Teflon-coated fabrics and cables are waterproof.


  • Teflon, when heated, can generate toxic fumes. These fumes are capable of harming pets as well as causing flu in humans. Shockingly, this flu can last up to three days.
  • If the Teflon coating in cookware becomes weak, it is possible to consume bits of Teflon as they continuously break into the food.
  • Recently, Teflon has been shown to be carcinogenic.
  • Teflon cannot cope at temperatures above 326°F, hence, it can melt and change its shape.

How to Choose a Non-Stick Pan Without Teflon

Non-stick pans are unquestionable requirements in many homes. Nourishment fixings, for example, eggs are inclined to getting sticky, consequently, non-stick pans are best to keep away from such. Asides being non-stick, they are anything but difficult to clean. Since you truly need to purchase another or substitution non-stick pan, there are a few things you should consider. Your financial limit contributes the biggest lump of basic leadership, be that as it may, it isn’t confined to only it. You may need to think of some inherent qualities of the cookware you expect purchasing.

1. Material

Non-stick pans are produced using three normal materials – Iron, Aluminum and Stainless Steel. Aluminum pans are lightweight and extraordinary warmth conductors, however, don’t spread warmth appropriately. They are frequently coated with either the dubious Teflon or Ceramic. Iron pans are less expensive, heavier and hold warmth superior to Aluminum ones. They don’t require any covering, despite the fact that you need to season them appropriately to upgrade their non-stick capacity. Spotless pans can be viewed as a mediator among Aluminum and Iron pans. It is likewise critical to realize that Aluminum pans don’t take a shot at acceptance stoves aside from in the event that it accompanies a Stainless Steel base. A straightforward method to realize this is by putting a magnet under your pan. On the off chance that it is pulled in, it will take a shot at enlistment stoves.

2. Size

Pans come in various sizes. The common pan sizes are the 8, 10 and 12-inch ones. Before concluding on what to buy, you need to consider your family size and what you intend using the pan for. You might also consider the size of your cabinet too.

3. Weight

The weight of a pan varies from product to product. However, Iron pans are often the heaviest of the three common build materials, followed by Stainless Steel and Aluminium being the lightest.

4. Design

There’s nothing bad in having a top-quality pan and still having a top-notch design. Looking at the T-fal endura, it comes with a meteor-design, a blend of grey, white and black which will definitely impress buyers and subsequently complement your kitchen’s decor.

5. Additional features

Asides the basic features to look out for, some pans come with lids, handle holders, extra handles and Silicon handles. Some non-iron non-stick pots are enhanced to work on induction stoves.

Top 5 Best Non-Stick Pans Without Teflon 2019

Everyone needs to appreciate those tasty omelets, in any case, without a non-stick pan, it very well may be somewhat muddled and baffling. Teflon-coated products have been valuable in setting up these mouth-watering dinners in an appealing way. In lieu of the ongoing disclosure and the contention encompassing the utilization of Teflon in cookware, different people and families have communicated stresses.

A few analysts asserted that Perfluorooctanoic corrosive (PFOA), which is utilized to fabricate Teflon, is dangerous and remainders of this concoction are left in the completed Teflon used to cover cookware. At the point when this cookware is overheated or utilized at high temperatures, this synthetic is along these lines discharged. Luckily, there are numerous option non-stick products that don’t connect with Teflon. The following are a few choices you should consider and their surveys.


  • Dimensions: 19.94 x 12.28 x 4.96 in
  • Material: Hard-Anodized Aluminum


  • Dimensions: 20 x 12 x 5 in
  • Material: Stainless Steel


  • Dimensions: 10.9 x 18.9 x 4 in
  • Material: Aluminium


  • Dimensions: 18 x 10.5 x 2 inches
  • Material: Aluminium


  • Dimensions: 10.7 x 10.1 x 9.9 in
  • Material: Stainless Steel

1. GreenPan Lima 12-inch Ceramic Fry Pan – Editor’s pick

Key Features

  • Comes with glass lids.
  • Riveted, study stainless steel handlebar.
  • Can withstand temperature up to 420 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Thermolon ceramic coating.
  • 12-inch diameter.
  • Aluminium build.

As the brand name suggests, the word “Green” is often associated with safety, environment and freshness. The product is safe and free of Lead, PFOA, Cadmium and PFAS even when used at high temperatures.

The safe-to-use fry pan is made from anodized Aluminium coated with Thermolon ceramic. Contributing to its impressive look, it comes with riveted steel handles and glass lid to observe your food. The product comes with a two-year warranty.


  • Since the pan employs ceramic as its coating, one should worry less about toxic substances such as Lead, PFOA, Cadmium and PFAS.
  • Another impressive benefit of the ceramic coating; there is no occurrence of consuming peels or flakes of harmful substances after prolonged use, as in the case of Teflon-coated pans.
  • The pan comes with a glass lid, allowing you to monitor your food whilst preventing spills.
  • The riveted, sturdy handle for better handling while cooking.
  • Thanks to its ceramic coating, the cookware can withstand temperatures reaching 420 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • The cookware spreads and retains heat easily.


  • Although ceramic seems hard, it is brittle and can shatter when dropped.
  • Unfortunately, after many heating and cooling rounds, the pan may lose its non-stick ability.

2. Ozeri Green Earth Frying Pan

Key Features

  • Ceramic coating.
  • Aluminium build.
  • Sturdy heat-resistant handle.
  • Magnetized base.
  • Available in three sizes – 8, 10 and 12 inches.

The Ozeri product is another “Green” product on this list. The pans are available in three sizes – 8, 10 and 12 inches – to suit your function.

The product flaunts an impeccable design finished with a lime-green-coloured theme, which will definitely add to the aesthetics of your kitchen. In place of the common Teflon coating, the pan features ceramic coating, designed by Greblon in Germany, for its non-stick ability.

In terms of handling, the handles are coated with silicon, a heat-resistant material, and riveted nicely to the pan. The pan is made of Aluminium which is a good heat conductor. The pan also features a magnetized base to aid heat transfer when using induction stoves. The product comes with a one—year warranty.


  • The pan is lightweight and comes with an impressive design.
  • The handles are made to be heat—resistant, hence, there is less occurrence of burns.
  • The base of the pan is made to aid heat transfer when using induction stoves.
  • With the Greblon ceramic coating, it is free from heavy metals, PFTE, PFOA and other less common chemicals such as Alkylphenol ethoxylates (APEOs) and Alkyl pyrrolidones.
  • The pans come in three sizes.


  • The lids are only available as optional extras.

3. Kyocera Ceramic Coated Nonstick Pan – Best Premium Product

Key Features

  • Aluminium build with Ceramic coating.
  • 10-inch pan diameter.
  • Riveted stainless handle.
  • Weighs just one pound.
  • Suitable for ceramic, induction, gas and electric stoves.

Ceramic has proven to be a good replacement for Teflon and this is also observed in the Kyocera non-stick pan we have here. The 10-inch pan is pretty light, weighing just a pound. It comes with a nicely riveted stainless handle for more control when cooking.

With the lightweight and strong handle, you can flip your eggs with less stress. Asides the common gas and electric stoves, you can use the pan conveniently on ceramic and induction stoves. The pan is also available in other sizes – 8 and 12 inches.


  • It comes with a strong stainless handle.
  • At its base, it has a thick layer of Aluminium to facilitate more stability and heat conductivity.
  • It can be used on ceramic, induction, gas and electric stoves.
  • Can withstand temperatures reaching 400°F.
  • The pan is wide enough to accommodate lots of ingredients.


  • The handle might be hot to handle if the pan is used in an oven.

4. T-fal Endura Granite Ceramic Nonstick Pan

Key Features

  • Meteor-style outlook with ceramic internal coating.
  • Weighs 1.7 pounds.
  • 10.5 inches in diameter with a wide flat base.
  • Heat indicator.
  • Riveted stainless handle.

The T-fal product is an alluring pan you will surely love to covet for your kitchen. The pan flaunts a meteor-like design with its black background and white and grey patches. One would think it’s heavy pan prior to handling. Well, you are forgiven as it weighs a meagre 1.7 pounds.

The lightweight, together with the sturdy stainless handle, facilitates better handling. Impressively, it comes with a wide flat base which improves its stability when cooking.

The pan also comes with an intriguing feature – the heat indicator. Since preheating is important in cooking, the feature works by indicating when the pan is hot enough for cooking. When the pan is hot enough, the little red spot inside the pan appears different, becomes red and completely devoid of its initial design.


  • It flaunts an impressive design that will definitely fit your kitchen’s decor.
  • Appears heavier until you carry it. It weighs just 1.7 pounds.
  • It has a wide flat base which helps to provide better stability when cooking.
  • The stainless handle ensures a better grip.
  • It is dishwasher-safe and oven-safe.


  • At 10.5 inches diameter, the pan is pretty small and may not contain many ingredients at once.
  • It doesn’t come in other designs.
  • Not usable on induction stoves.

5. Lodge 12-inch Cast-Iron Pan – Best Budget Product

Key Features

  • A handle holder made from silicon.
  • Comes with an assist handle.
  • 12-inch wide.
  • Cast-iron build.
  • Black design with a wide flat base.
  • Weighs 8 pounds.

With several positive reviews, the Lodge cast-iron pan is a worthy mention on this list. It is also the only pan without an Aluminium build or ceramic coating in this list.

The pan is spacious, capable of handling many ingredients. Indeed the pan is heavy, it comes with an assist handle which facilitates better handling. Furthermore, the product comes with a heat-resistant handle holder made from silicon to aid handling especially when hot.


  • It doesn’t require any coating, be it ceramic or Teflon. Hence, one should not worry about any toxic substances.
  • Since it is made of iron, it works pretty well on induction stoves.
  • Although it doesn’t heat evenly, it does retain heat more than Aluminium pans.
  • It can withstand extremely high temperatures.
  • It is very strong and cannot break easily.


  • It is pretty heavy, however, the assist handle is there to help in handling.
  • Since it is made of iron, it is poorer than Aluminium in terms of heat conductivity. Also, preheating time may be a little longer.
  • If not handled carefully, it may rust.


When it comes to heat conductivity and weight, Aluminium pans remain the best non-stick pans without Teflon. This justifies the dominance of Aluminium pans on this list. Often times, they are coated with ceramics, hence, they are free from PFTE, PFOA, heavy metals and other toxic materials.

Cast iron and Stainless Steel pans are also nice since they are much safer than Teflon-coated ones. However, the former is heavier and poor in heat conduction, while the latter is more prone to sticking. It is important to know that PFOA-free products are not PFTE-free, except stated otherwise.

By now, you should be able to make the right decision as to which cookware to buy. Indeed, the best pans are not restricted to this list. There are many nice pans available to use, however, the purpose of the article is fulfilled – to guide you.