Presto 03510 Ceramic FlipSide Belgian Waffle Maker

The 7-inch Presto FlipSide Belgian Waffle Maker with Ceramic Finish is one of the least expensive flip models you can purchase and is made by an organization.

National Presto Industries, Inc. is an organization also called producers of weight canners and weight cookers.

Presto 03510 FlipSide Belgian Waffle Maker


The Presto Flipside Belgian waffle maker is a 7-inch round waffle maker that makes Belgian waffles.

These thick waffles are filling and with profound pockets that can hold garnishes of every kind imaginable.

Its little size conceals the way that its matrices are truly profound, over ½ inch down. This enables it to turn an entire cup of player, all 365ml, into a thick waffles up to 1.5 crawls over.


Nobody likes burnt waffles.

Getting the cooking time perfectly has consistently been an issue with cooking anything. Here and there, we go over, some of the time we half-cook, so to enable clients to get it without flaw, the Presto Flipside has a clock connected. The retro-looking advanced clock that can be set for somewhere in the range of 1 and 30 minutes. It even cautions you with two signals when there is a moment left on the clock and five blares when the set time has elapsed.

The clock doesn’t kill the unit on or. It additionally works autonomously from the unit, of a different CR2032 3V lithium battery.

Cooking time is around 5 minutes for every waffle, somewhat long however the outcomes merit the pause, IMO.

With no movable temperature control, admirers of extra firm waffles may need to take a gander at other models.

Not at all like other waffle makers with 2 marker lights, the Presto Flipside Belgian waffle maker 03510, has only one pointer light. As a waffle maker with no committed on/off switch, the red light roosted over the pivot region flag that power is turned on.

Is the Presto Flipside waffle maker Easy to Use

This Presto waffle maker is so natural to utilize that even children can utilize it (under supervision, obviously).

Like other waffle makers, you do need to accomplish a couple of things before utilizing it just because.

Pop it out of its case, clean it off with a soggy material and fitting it in. The first occasion when you use it, you will smell a consuming scent, as buildup from creation is singed off the non-stick artistic surface.

Leave it connected (red sign light on), for as long as 10 minutes to dispose of that smell. You can leave it turned on for another 3 – 5 minutes to preheat the waffle maker. Utilize this opportunity to get ready waffle player.

At the point when the red sign light goes out, the unit has arrived at the right temperature and is prepared for use.

In case you’re an ordinary waffle maker, you might ponder whether you should season the Presto or not. The advertising material says you shouldn’t however the included directions state otherwise. The booklet says it’s a non-stick surface that needn’t bother with flavoring. Be that as it may, a couple of pages later, they recommend applying vegetable oil to the networks when cooking pastry hitters.

You can do this by :

  • brushing the plates with vegetable oil, utilizing a silicone seasoning brush.
  • using a paper towel plunged in oil to wipe the frameworks.

I appreciate utilizing the X-Chef brush set as it’s anything but difficult to touch on a negligible sum and simply work it into the spaces. Furthermore, its adaptable silicone fibers are overly simple to clean a while later.

It might appear to be a great deal of work to utilize a brush or paper towel, and it just appears to be simpler to get PAM and utilize that. In any case, rehashed utilization of cooking splash will prompt the development of buildup, which will, in the end, obliterate the non-stick surface on the waffle maker.

To counteract the non-stick surface from severing down and chipping, I suggest an intermittent wipe down, particularly if utilizing plans that have practically zero oil in them.

On the Matter of Batter

While Presto suggests you use among ¾ and 1 cup of hitter, I figure you ought to decide in favor of alert.

To maintain a strategic distance from overflow and hitter getting into the cleft of the machine, utilize less particularly when testing plans or utilizing the waffle maker just because. Trust me, it’s hard to get out those breaks and hole if hitter gets in them.

The producer suggests an amount of hitter dependent on their own plans and any substitution will affect both the amount utilized and the cooking time. You may find that you need to cook for an additional 1 – 2 minutes to get your ideal degree of doneness.

To cook waffles with the Presto is straightforward:

  1. Pour ½ cup of hitter in the focal point of the preheated waffle maker.
  2. Close the cover and hold up 10 seconds.
  3. Gripping the handle to ensure it remains shut, flip the waffle maker from one side to the other

The manual prescribes setting the clock to 4 minutes yet in light of the fact that the manual says 4 minutes doesn’t mean it will be the equivalent for your specific formula. Start with less time on the clock, say 2 minutes. You may find that you lean toward the lighter waffle made following 2 minutes.

Also, if it’s unreasonably light for you? Essentially shut the Presto and set the clock for another moment or two.

To get the degree of freshness I like, I let them cook for around 4.5 minutes.

To Spray Or Not to Spray

You’re presumably asking why we state to splash with oil, even as the Presto is sold as a non-stick waffle maker.

Infrequent showering guarantees that your waffles slide out so natural each and every time, prompting less consumed fingertips as well.

The Presto warms up rapidly and works entirely quick. With 1,100 watts in a 7-inch machine, essential waffles cook rapidly. For additional freshness, add a moment to your clock.

With your waffles done, select with an elastic/silicone spatula (not your fingers!). You can likewise utilize a plastic or wooden spoon to lift them up and out. Abstain from utilizing metal utensils as these scratch the fired surface, making harm to the non-stick surface.

In the same way as other waffle makers in this value extend, there is no committed off or off switch. You just dismantle the attachment to turn it off.

Easy to Clean

The dim fired flame broil is really non-stick and tidies up with only a wipe with a paper towel or kitchen towel.

Be that as it may, be cautious when taking care of the machine as the treated steel outside gets extremely hot.

Unplug the waffle maker and give it a couple of minutes to chill off, before cleanup.

So you need to wipe the cooking surface clean with a paper towel.

Cleanup is as straightforward as that, except if you’ve been a little blundering with the oil. At the point when that occurs, the abundance oil gathers and possibly depletes out when the Presto 03510 is put away on a level plane.

Evade this by utilizing as meager oil as would be prudent. Try not to spoon it in, spot some on a paper towel and wipe over the matrices. That is sufficient oiling for the Presto.

Keep in mind that utilizing an excessive amount of oil on an artistic surface can desert a meager film of buildup that never appears to leave. This unavoidably prompts a possible breakdown of the fired surface as the sleek buildup develops on it.  

There’s likewise the probability of hitter stalling out on the outside of the apparatus. In the event that that occurs, touch a modest quantity of cooking oil on the territory and enable it to sit for 3 – 5 minutes.

Then wipe off the mollified player with a paper towel or fabric.

Another motivation to utilize less hitter is that overspill will get into the pivots, spread the screws that join the handle to the body, the empty handle itself. It will take toothpicks (and a decent piece of time) to get dried hitter out of that hole.

Cleaning the machine is as basic as that. A fabric or paper towel will do its greater part so there’s no compelling reason to break out the steel fleece scouring cushions or rough kitchen cleaners.


Set level on its elastic feet, the Presto stands 4.5 crawls off your ledge, roughly 11″ in width and around 11.5″ in the upstanding stockpiling position. Gauging 5.01 pounds unpacked, the Presto is around the normal load for a waffle maker.

Its 3-foot long line is longer than other economical waffle makers, it’s a whole foot longer than the one on the Oster model. This makes it long enough to use without it disrupting the general flow or utilizing an electrical line. I don’t care for the way that you can’t generally fold it over the machine when putting away it. You kinda need to plait it to keep everything smaller.


The Presto can be put away in one of two different ways:

Flipped up, it stands just shy of 11.5 inches (the size of a grain. Box) so it can be reserved in a cabinet, in the bolted upstanding position].

With a width of 7 inches, it tends to be forgotten about on the counter without taking up an excessive amount of space.]Pop It is a cabinet simply like you would with plates.

To get the Presto upstanding, hold the handles together and pivot the apparatus to an upstanding position. With the waffle maker upstanding, lock it in a situation by flipping up the red bolting switch to the side of the pivoted base.

Is the Ceramic Coating Safe?

Is artistic a sheltered covering choice for cookware?

The best approach to check this is to check whether the artistic coating utilized was produced in the USA. Made in America coatings need to pass exacting FDA prerequisites.

The Presto Flipside utilizes a non-stick covering made by Whitford Worldwide, an American organization that has been in presence for just about 50 years. They guarantee their clay coatings are of the highest caliber and free from unsafe materials, thoroughly free of any PTFE and PFOA.

So for what reason would you say you are getting an admonition in the crate with your new Presto waffle maker?

Since it’s the law to incorporate a notice if an item contains any of the substances on the Proposition 65 rundown.

For the Presto, the substance being referred to as BPA, and just follow sums were available in the sign light. In any case, the waffle makers made all the more as of late, even that follow sum has been wiped out. The Presto is presently completely BPA free, and hereafter fresher items will never again convey this admonition.

Always on Time? Maybe Not

Settled in the pivoted base of the Presto is a clock. Indeed, it’s not one of those smooth clocks that consequently begin to check down when you close the unit. It doesn’t control the machine or even shut it off after the waffles are finished. It’s essentially a stopwatch that keeps running off a different lithium battery. In any case, guess what?  

It’s OK. You needn’t bother with anything extravagant to time waffles.

Setting the clock is clear:

  • Hold the conservative till 00 is unmistakable on the screen.
  • Push the catch once for every moment until you have arrived at the ideal time (between 1 to 30 minutes)
  • Release the catch and the clock starts tallying down following two seconds.

The Presto is sold with a 1-year guarantee that just applies in the United States.

If it builds up an issue inside that period, you can return it to Presto for fix or substitution. Notwithstanding, all delivery costs will be your duty.

For just shy of $50, you’d expect a barebones waffle maker; I mean no catches, no switches, no temperature control, nothing you can alter. In any case, the Presto has enough additional items to make you have an inclination that you’re purchasing an excellent machine.

Attachments and Accessories

There are no additional connections accessible for this model; it’s a one stunt horse intended to make just fleecy thick Belgian waffles.

The unit ships with one waffle maker, a strong power string and 4 plans for making delectable waffles. Be that as it may, with Presto calling a waffle made with flour, oats, and sugar ‘delightful’, I’ll get my waffle motivation from somewhere else.

Still need more thoughts? Look no further than Daniel Shumski, a waffle iron gourmet expert, for example, somebody devoted to wavering nourishments other than waffles. His book Will It Waffle is viewed as a definitive wellspring of waffle iron plans. Not content with making imaginative pastries, Shumski made and aggregated 54 plans for differing culinary manifestations. Waffled Chicken fingers? Extra fresh bacon in a waffle iron? Indeed, if it’s not too much trouble


The Presto Flipside is a flip model that helps me to remember that one would discover during breakfast at a Sleep Inn or a Comfort Inn. With the thick waffles, it makes, I may have quite recently discovered my new fave Belgian waffle maker.


Like all apparatuses, it has its interesting little peculiarities, however, it’s, for the most part, me just me nitpicking. 

Like how I cherish the incorporation of a clock yet don’t care for that it doesn’t stop the machine. Or on the other hand how I don’t care for the way that there is no devoted off/on switch either.


There are various flip waffle makers accessible for around $50 and this is most likely the best of all.

In case you’re on a financial limit and would prefer not to spend more than $50, I’d prescribe this one over the Hamilton Beach flip. It might not have removable frying pans however it has includes all the more regularly found in waffle makers double the cost.

Be mindful so as not to be influenced by a lower cost when purchasing on Amazon. You can without much of a stretch wind up purchasing a revamped item, one that is clearly been utilized and now and again or not cleaned appropriately before resale.

When doing value correlations, don’t simply go at the least expensive cost. Twofold verify whether there are subtleties of the state of the unit.