Lodge 3 Quart Cast Iron Combo Cooker

Have you been searching for cookware that is flexible enough to fill some needs? Okay like kitchenware that doesn’t simply top off your kitchen space, however, can be utilized for various cooking errands and can be effectively put away? Have you been wanting for cookware that can be effectively utilized in a cutting edge kitchen or on an open fire while you are out outdoors? Is sturdiness one of your fundamental concerns when you select another skillet? The Lodge LCC3 Cast Iron Combo Cooker, Pre-Seasoned, 3.2-Quart cookware is something you ought to consider adding to your kitchen.

Why Should You Buy The Lodge LCC3 Combo Cooker?

This cookware set comprises two profound skillets and tops the two of which are made utilizing unadulterated cast iron. This has numerous advantages contrasted with cookware produced using different metals. To start with, you’ll get a pudgy bit of cookware that can deal with various cooking circumstances. The cast iron body functions admirably in various warmth sources including open flames and stoves. This makes it fantastic for indoor just as open-air cooking.

Cast iron is very solid and doesn’t wear out effectively. A few metals will, in general, lose their quality after rehashed introduction. This isn’t the situation with cast iron and you can generally anticipate that your cookware should a decades ago.

Then again, when you look at the combo cooker versus Dutch broiler, you may discover the combo cooker as the better alternative. The combo cooker is perfect for both indoor and open-air employments. You can likewise utilize the skillet for a different cooking reason, for example, making a flame broil or fry anything.

Thick and Heavy Set

This Lodge cooking set is structured with thick and chunky dividers. Even though adding to the general weight, this component has a few preferences. The thick dividers are incredible for holding heat. which implies that you’ll require less warmth to prepare your dinners. It likewise implies that your suppers will stay warm more. The thick dividers likewise help to shield nourishment from burning if it’s being cooked on a high warmth source, for example, an open fire.

Multi-Functional Cookware

The Lodge LCC3 Combo Cooker Set isn’t your standard cast iron skillet with a cover. It’s a shallow skillet and profound skillet which bends over as a top and Dutch broiler individually. The profound skillet is intended for moderate preparing enormous dinners. The 3.2-quart limit makes it perfect for preparing dinners for a little family. You can likewise change over it into a Dutch stove when cooking outside in an open fire. Its top can likewise be utilized to slow prepare little suppers.

Sturdy Handle with Hole

The handle of this Lodge LCC3 Skillet sets is additionally produced using cast iron and doesn’t have a joint. This implies you don’t need to stress over the handles falling off after times of utilization. The handle is long enough to ward off your hands from open flames when dealing with the skillet. It additionally includes an opening toward the end which can be utilized to hang the skillet when not being used. The gap additionally keeps the handle cool while cooking by uncovering a greater amount of the handle’s surface to cool air. Both the skillet and top accompany assistant handles to make dealing with them when hot simpler.


The Lodge Cast Iron Cookware Set comes pre-seasoned and ready for use. You, therefore, don’t have to worry about food sticking onto the skillet’s surface or, rust developing after washing. The pre-seasoned finish doesn’t involve the addition of a chemical, non-stick products that might release dangerous fumes and properties into your food when exposed to heat. This finish also makes cleaning your cookware easy. You can rest assured that all your meals will cook properly, and the cookware you use doesn’t leave harmful deposits in your food.


  • Highly durable
  • Pre-seasoned nonstick finish
  • Great heat distribution and retention
  • Multi-functional cookware serves as a skillet, lid, and Dutch oven
  • Cooks on different heat sources
  • 25 inch, 3.2-quart capacity great for cooking meals for small families
  • Hole in handle for convenient storage


  • Not dishwasher safe
  • Soap is not recommended for cleaning